NSX 4.0. is a major release offering new features in all the verticals of NSX: networking, security and services.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. And finally, I found something interesting to write about. Even if this blog starts with NSX installation and configuration, am sure you will definitely find something more interesting as and when I write more. I will be focusing on NSX Security, DFW & Micro-Segmentation in upcoming blogs.

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NSX 4.0 Installation & Configuration Series

NSX 4.0 Series Part1-NSX Manager Installation
NSX 4.0 Series Part2-Add a Compute Manager & Configure the NSX VIP
NSX 4.0 Series Part3-Create Transport Zones & Uplink Profiles
NSX 4.0 Series Part4-Prepare Host Transport Nodes
NSX 4.0 Series Part5-Migrate workload from VDS To NSX