NSX-T Federation – How to remove the location from GM

We ran into a situation where we had to remove the Local Manager from Global Manager. I replicated this in the lab env. It’s straightforward. However, there are couple of points that need to be addressed before you delete / remove the Local Manager from Global Manager.

Removing location from GM removes all objects created from GM.

Here is what my existing config looks like,

I have one Tier-1 gateway created from global manager, which is specific to Site-A

A segment which is attached to above Tier-1 GW.

Some rules and policies created on the global level.

Notice that all globally created rules get a Rule ID starting from one million.

Navigate back to location manager, Click on ‘Action’ for the site to be removed and then ‘Remove’

Check the prompt,

Note: If you have any location-specific configurations created from the Global Manager for this location — such as Tier-0 gateways — you must first remove these configurations manually before proceeding.

Error: Error: Site can not be offboarded due to references [/global-infra/domains/Site-A/groups/Global-Site-A-SG/attributes/Global-Site-A-SG, /global-infra/tier-1s/Global-T1/locale-services/Site-A, /global-infra/tier-1s/Global-T1/security-config, /global-infra/domains/Site-A/groups/Global-Site-A-SG, /global-infra/segments/GM-Web-Seg_, /global-infra/tier-1s/Global-T1]. (Error code: 530024)

Basically, you want to make sure that all objects that are created from GM are deleted before you perform this operation.

I deleted all T-1’s and Segments from GM. Also, deleted region level rules and its associated groups before deleting the site.

That was easy.

However, what if Global Manager has been deleted before you take out Local Manager from it. 😊

In this case, all your LM’s would continue to try to reach out to GM for configuration sync. No worries, VMware has solutions to every possible problem / situation for its product.

Run the following API at all local mangers in the env to remove the objects,


Here is the possible output that you would see,

Lets get the status of the above API call,


And then the last API is to remove Active / Standby GM from selected LM.


That’s it for this post. Thank you for reading.

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