VMware NSX-T 3.0 is a newly launched product version of NSX-T. It is highly scalable network virtualization platform. Unlike NSX-V, it can be configured for multi-hypervisor & workloads running in public could. This blog is divided into series of parts, which will help you to successfully install and configure NSX-T 3.0 environment. Like my other blogs, even this blog will focus on practical with limited theoretical information.

Checkout my series of blogs in NSX-T 3.0 installation here…

NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part1-NSX-T Manager Installation
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part2-Add additional NSX-T Manger & Configure VIP
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part3-Add a Compute Manager (vCenter Server)
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part4-Create Transport Zones & Uplink Profiles
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part5-Configure NSX on Host Transport Nodes
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part6-Depoy Edge Transport Nodes & Create Edge Clusters
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part7-Add a Tier-0 gateway and configure BGP routing
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part8-Add a Tier-1 gateway
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part9-Create Segments & attach to T1 gateway
NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part10-Testing NSX-T Environment

Other blogs…

NSX-T 3.0 – Active Directory Integration
NSX-T 3.0 – Load Balancer Concept & Configuration
NSX-T 3.0 – VMkernel Migration to an N-VDS Switch
NSX-T 3.0 – Reverse Migration of VMkernel to Port Group

NSX-T 3.1

NSX-T Backup Configuration on VMware Photos OS
NSX-T 3.1 – Backup & Restore_Production DR Experience – Part1
NSX-T 3.1 – Backup & Restore_Production DR Experience – Part2
NSX-T 3.1 – Backup & Restore_Production DR Experience – Part3

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