VMware Tanzu Supervisor Cluster Deployment Stuck at “Configuring”

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Tanzu Supervisor Cluster Deployment fails and shows “Configuring” for all 3 “SupervisorControlPlaneVM” VM’s.

If you click on (3), it shows either of the below warnings / errors.

“Customization operations of the guest OS for Master node VM with identifier vm-XXXX is pending”

In my case, it showed up for a few mins and then I saw an error.

“The control plane VM 42XXXX was unable to authenticate to the load balancer (Avi – with the username ‘admin’ and the supplied password. Validate the Supervisor cluster load balancer’s authentication configuration.”

Even though the supplied credentials were correct.

Looks like this is a known issue if the version of your esxi is 7.0 U3 and you are trying to use Advance Loan Balancer (AVI).

To resolve this issue, I had to change the Authentication settings in AVI.

Login to AVI and Navigate to Admin > Settings & Access Settings

Click on “Edit”

Check the box “Allow Basic Authentication”

Click “Save” and you should be good.

The “Config Status” changes to Running in couple of minutes and you should be good configure it further.

Some of the other workarounds that came across while troubleshooting this issue…

  • Nslookup to all the components in the env to make sure that it resolves to correct name.
  • Check NTP settings on all components (vCenter, ESXi, AVI and NSX) and make sure it syncs to same NTP Server.
  • Check routing between all the additional networks that you have created for Tanzu deployment.

Additionally, you can use the following command on vCenter to check the status / error of the deployment.

tail -f /var/log/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.log

Changing authentication settings in AVI resolved the issue for me. Your issue may be related to one of the causes that I mentioned above.

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