VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 – Part3: Flavor Mapping & Image Mapping

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VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 – Part3: Flavor Mapping & Image Mapping
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This part focuses on Flavor mapping and Image mapping.

Flavor Mapping: This mapping defines target deployment sizing. I can define the way I want and assign it to the deployment while creating a Blueprint.

For Example,

Name# of CPUMemory (GB)
Small22 GB
Medium48 GB
Large828 GB

I will provide the name of the flavor while creating a blueprint. So that the target VM gets defined compute resources in the flavor.

Log into vRA> Infrastructure> Click ‘New Flavor Mapping’ under Configure> Flavor Mappings.

Flavor name: Medium
Select your Cloud Account and provide values for CPU and Memory.

Flavor Mapping has been created.

Image Mappings: In this section, you map an image of operating system. Basically, a pre-created OS template from your cloud account.

To map an image, I have created a Windows Server 2019 VM and converted it into a template. This template will be mapped into image mapping and thereafter into a blueprint. You can add all your applications in the template, so that the user gets all required application once the server has been deployed.

Click on ‘Infrastructure’ tab> Image Mapping> New Image

I do not see my Windows image in the Image section. This is because my newly created image is not synced with vRA infra.

Go back Cloud Accounts> And click on ‘Sync Images’

Image is now visible. Select the template> Add> Create.

An image has been created and ready to be used in our blueprint deployment.
That’s it for this post. Will discuss and configure Network Profiles in my next post. Thank You.

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