How to get free VMware Eval Licenses

Greetings VMware Techies,

We often get into the situation where we need to apply VMware licenses to test VMware products. And most of them are not aware that, VMware provides 60 days trial period for most of the products. For, VMware vCenter Server & ESXi gets the default trial period as soon as you install it. However, for some products you have to ask VMware to provide evaluation license key to test the product. It is easy and simple to get trial licenses for VMware Products.

Check the following link to know the products that are available for trial period license.

Further click on (+) sing to see available products…

Lets assume that You want to test VMware NSX-T Data Center product…
Click on Download Free Trial >>
Next, enter the account information if you have one. If not, then you get an option to create it…

Once you login, clickon ‘License & Download’ and click on ‘Register’

Fill out all the details and click on ‘START FREE TRIAL’

Home screen will show following msg…

And you should see the eval license key under ‘License & Download’ with expiration date.

On the same page, you get an option to download the ova / iso file for the product.

That was easy. 😊
Check out other products available on try-vmware page and enjoy the product evaluation.

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