NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part8-Add a Tier-1 gateway

In this post, we will add a Tier-1 Gateway for our Segments (Logical Switches) to connect to.

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Tier-1 Gateway:

It’s a gateway that connects to Tier-0 router via its uplink and to our segments through downlink. You can define on which routes to be advertise from Tier-1 Gateway. Check my previous blog for Tier-1 gateway topology.

Log into NSX-T Manager VIP and navigate to Networking >Tier-1 Gateway > ADD TIER-1 GATEWAY

Name: Give an appropriate name.
Linked Tier-0 Gateway: Select the Tier-0 Gateway that we created in earlier post.
Edge Cluster: Select associated cluster.

Scroll down to Route and make sure that all routes are selected.

Rest all option to be default & Click on Save.

That’s it. Short and Simple. 😊

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