NSX-T 3.0 Series: Part3-Add a Compute Manager (vCenter Server)

We have covered 2 parts till now, let’s get to the Part 3 of the series.

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Unlike NSX-V (one to one relation with vCenter), you can add multiple compute managers to your NSX-T environment. NSX-T polls all compute managers to detect changes such as new hosts, clusters etc. You can also add standalone ESXi hosts as well as KVM hypervisor. Here is the list of standalone hosts that can be added to NSX-T env.

Log into NSX-T VIP and navigate to System >Fabric >Compute Managers and click on ADD

Fill out the required information and click on Save.

If you left the thumbprint value blank, you are prompted to accept the server provided thumbprint.

After you accept the thumbprint, it takes a few seconds for NSX-T Data Center to discover and register the vCenter Server resources.

It takes some time for NSX-T to register the vCenter and pull all the objects. Make sure to check the status as ‘Registered’ and connection status as ‘UP’.

All hosts from compute manager (vCenter) appears in ‘Host Transport Nodes’. You should also see all clusters from the vCenter. Let’s verify the same.

System >Fabric >Nodes >Host Transport Nodes

Change the ‘Managed by’ drop down to your vCenter.

Verify all clusters and hosts.

We are good here.

Change the ‘Managed by’ drop down to ‘None: Standalone Hosts’ to add standalone ESXi hosts and KVM hypervisors.

That’s it. We have added a compute manager to NSX-T env. Will continue the configuration in my next blog.

Hope the blog was information. Thank you.

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