VMware vCenter Error – ‘no healthy upstream’

You might encounter ‘no healthy upstream’ error message on newly installed vCenter. This is because of some unexpected parameters while deploying vCenter. I was not able to find the exact root cause for this error, however I knew the resolution from our discussion with technical experts long back.

To start with, here is how it looks on the vCenter when you try to access web client.

You will be able to access vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface at port 5480. Check the services here…

All services show as healthy. In fact, on the summary page shows health status as Good.

Everything looks fine but you can not access web client. I tried restarting vCenter server multiple times with no luck. Tried restarting all services from management interface. Nothing works.

Solution is to change network settings from vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface.

Click on networking & expand nic0.
Notice that the IP address shows as DHCP even if it was given as static.

Click on Edit at top right corner to edit the network settings & select your nic.

Expand the nic0 here and notice that IPv4 shows automatic.
Change this to manual.

Provide credentials on the next page.

Acknowledge the change. Take backup of vCenter if necessary. It also recommends to unregister extensions before you save this.

Also, check the next steps after settings are saved successfully.


Click on Finish and you should see the progress.

Access web client once this is finished. You should be able to access it.

Go back to vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface to verify. You should the ip as static.

The issue has been resolved. This is definitely because of some unexpected parameters while deploying the vCenter, since it does not show this error for every deployment. Anyways, wanted to write small blog on it to help techies to resolve the issues just in case if anyone see this error.
Thank you for reading.

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